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As we are a Christian camp, each morning we hold worship in the hall.



This ties in with Study and devotions.
There will be 2-3 Songs that are sung, a devotional talk from Camp Rev (if needed/ there is anything to add), a lead up into what the theme of Study for the day is based around (this is where bible readings are also done), division into study groups and of course.... Drama. (not in this order!)

The talk about the study theme is a detailed description of the theme of the day, in a way in which the kids can understand. A good way to keep everyone focused and listening, is to have videos that explain the concepts, and stories that the kids can share about the theme. there are some good websites that sum up bible readings really well. Depending on the theme and how long or short the reading is, you can do more than one, keeping in mind that the kids will get wrestles if the readings are too long.
Prayers during worship are either done by the person who did the study talk, Camp Rev, or another leader that has volunteered.

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