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Wednesday Evening (Carnival)

As of 2016 Wednesday Evening has been Carnival Night. It's a night where kids are free to do a bunch of carnival style activities at their own pace.



Running this activity, leaders act much more as coordinators, making sure that people know what they're doing and that everything is organised.

The time slot available is from 7 to 9. Dinner often runs over more often than not so be prepared for that.

This is our planning document from 2017. There are 3 sheets to look at.

Camper Safety


There are three headcounts. In study groups at the start of the activity. Once in the middle of the activity and once at the end before being let in to supper.

The middle headcount should be timed for half way through the activity. We did a fire twirling display as a natural incentive to come back to the hall. Count them fast and get them back out to play!

The rationale behind these headcounts is that the kids are free to wander at their own pace, so if some get lost we should be checking on them approximately every 40 minutes.


During the activity some leaders will need to be assigned to simply watching areas making sure kids are ok. This is a boring job so make sure it is impressed upon them how important it is that they don't wander off.

We had four points that we kept watched.
  • From the hall out across the oval.
  • At the back of the Amphitheater.
  • At the white staircase next to yellow and dark blue huts.
  • At the benches next to the back courts.

We upgraded security in 2017 with leaders covering all entrances and exits around the camp. Pairs of leaders were assigned a position and told one of them must always be there.

The positions were:
- The bridge
  • Between the Amphitheater and Tower
  • Between Red and Tower
  • At the big green shed
  • At the back of the courts
  • At the front gate / between exec and the hall.

Caution Tape

Though we didn't use it in the first year, we had intended to tape off areas of the campsite so that kids don't go wandering into huts. This may be something that needs to happen each year.


There are many activities that we ran the first year, and the catalogue will only expand as the years go on.


We ran some movies in the hall. The idea was that kids would watch the movies that seemed interesting to them, but it didn't work this way in practice. It was good for kids who were worn out or injured and needed a rest so some equivalent might be a good idea.

The movie list we had was Wallace and Gromit for the first half, and an old Buster Keaton short for the second half. There were then pixar shorts to fill in the time between.

In 2017 we didn't run this. It wasn't missed.


In 2016 ran in the big green shed. We blocked out all the windows to make it dark and put a whole bunch of glowsticks in there. There was a row of tables making the space smaller to keep all the kids dancing together. The playlist will need to be pre-arranged of course. It's important to get a few leaders who are really into it down there.

In 2017 this ran in the hall and was a big success.


Set up circus equipment for the kids to play with and have a couple of leaders to teach them. This ran ok our first year, but we only had tennis balls. It needs more equipment to use. Leaders who have circus skills should bring their gear to use and show kids. (We didn't run this 2017)

Fairground Games

We had three activities running the first year.
  • JS Joust - A video game run by Nick Kitchingman
  • Frisbee Naughts and Crosses - Make a naughts and crosses board from tent pegs holding down caution tape and have 10 Frisbees marked as naughts and crosses. Kids challenge each other. (Did not run 2017)
  • Shooting Gallery - Have cutours of leaders faces glued to toilet rolls (jenga blocks 2017) and shoot them with nerf guns.

This list can be expanded with new games each year. There are some frisbees in the somers shed.

Slushie Activity

This is a great opportunity to have the slushies run an activity and begin integrating into the leadership team.

At the Before Somers Meeting take some time out with the slushies to tell them they have to create a fairground game or even a few. Tell them which spaces are available to use also. Their leaders will need to do a risk assessment for it. Check before camp to find out what's happening.


TBD: Monday.
Generic Chem safety sheets, allergy info and application info can be found on manufacturer's websites. Be sure to check them.

Legally suppliers should have this information on their wholesale pages.

Check your kits before camp, also see Camp Mum/Auntie Jay about allergies (especially latex, cosmetics and nut allergies).

Balloon Animals

Naomi(former leader) made balloon animals for the kids. They were a hit. If anyone is capable or Naomi is coming you can run this again.


A Fire twirling display adds a nice little bit of spectacle to the whole night, and is a nice way of getting the kids back to the hall. It can be done on the oval; the kids are not allowed onto the oval while it’s happening. Have Camp Dad (Alex) keeping an eye as he is a fireman of some repute. This is a good fire safety guide

Round the World Game

Each child who wants to play is given a passport and a place they need to find. They get a stamp in their passport when they find it and get sent to a new location. We had them finishing in Brazil for the Rio Olympics (2016). This was a massive hit.

The same game ran 2017. Kat Jeffrey has stamps we can use each year.


Craft had the kids make masks to wear at the festival. This worked well, ask craft if they'd like to integrate anything when planning, who knows what they'll come up with!

We had a small banner in 2017 that the kids could colour in. This worked ok, but the rest of the activity was much more exciting. If you want this kind of activity again I would use something 3D that they can paint, or something quite eye catching, and put it in a prominent place (like a walkway).

Drumming Circle

Mary (ex-camp cook) ran a drumming circle this year which was amazing. If she's free she will probably be willing to do that again. It really added a lot to the fire twirling too to have some kids drumming for it.

If she isn't available, a pots and pans stomp style thing might be. Or someone may have some drums they can provide.

Other stuff

  • Have leaders dress up a bit to make it feel carnival like.
  • Make sure there's plenty of noise, have the speakers going etc.

Former Leaders

We have trialed having former leaders along to camp. If this happens again the sign ups will be handled for you. Also if it happens ask how many leaders you will be getting and when the cut of is (so you know when that number is locked in).

Risk Assessment

Risk assessments will be uploaded each year after camp.

Wet Weather (If Applicable)

Activities that can be moved indoors are. Aside from that wear a coat, you don't need to be outside long.


Previous to Carnival night we did a three way split: Movies, Indoor Games, and a Night Walk. This was great for a few years, since it replaced the beach walk, but now we have the coolart walk it was proving to be outdated.

Before that we had an activity night in the hall, where study groups would have to make things out of cardboard and newspaper, there would be a song component, and often an egg drop.

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