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Tuesday Evening

This is traditionally a round robin activities, done in study groups.




There were 4 activities planned, with the idea being that two study groups would 'compete' against each other.

The activities planned were as follows:
Egg drop: Build protection for an egg to survive a drop from height.

Build me a: Two teams compete to build an object out of cardboard, the object changes every time. Eg - a horse, or a house.

Xtreme pass the parcel: Two teams would pass a parcel in a line, once it got to the end of the line they'd remove a layer of the parcel. First team to completely unwrap their parcel wins.

Games on amphitheater: MickyJ made up stuff on the spot.

Risk Assessment

These are the risk assessments listed by year:


In previous years, there have been activities been done equal to the amount of study groups there are on camp. This was changed this year to attempt to make the activity feel less rushed.

Traditionally Tuesday night was called "Casino night" with a whole bunch of casino like games being played around the hall in study groups. The whole activity would be scored with the OSSS. The idea of gambling was not something we wanted linked with camp at all and so this theme changed, although the mini game style activities did not.

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