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Tuesday Afternoon

Chameleon capture



Chameleon Capture has the leaders dress up and hide in the bush. The campers then come and find those leaders and drag them kicking and screaming back to a 'home base'.


Previous themes:

Themes need to be broad to allow everyone to easily obtain a costume but also need to be directive.

You will need to ensure some leaders don't dress up, and also have first aiders not participating in the game.

Risk Assessment

These are the risk assessments by year:

Wet Weather (If Applicable)

Chameleon capture still happens even when wet


In previous years Chameleon capture occurred on the beach but due to damaged caused by everyone, Chameleon capture now occurs on grassy area near bush chapel. This year many trees were removed from the area, bush chapel is a useful hiding place.
Before chameleon capture the activity was a game called storm the heights which was abandoned due to a very high rate of injury.
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