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Training Weekend

Each year we run a training weekend. This page will act as a guide for people who are going to be running them into the future.


Where to start


Each training weekend has a focus. One was somers as a community, one was positivity, one was our mentoring program, and 2017 will probably see integration of our older leaders back into the somers community.

Things that need to be organised


Talk to current camp cook (Irene and Bob, as of 2016) as to what they need.
Order through [Insert Supplier here]


Book with Merricks and maybe Lord Somers at the start of the year.
Merricks may be slow in responding.

Boys and Girls huts

Make signs denoting what gender a room is, and put boys and girls on separate wings if you can.


Most of these sessions can be run during any daytime slot. Slot activities you need people to be at in the time slot that you have reason to believe most people will be at, typically Saturday afternoon.
Anything that has a specific time has been listed as such.

Get to know you (Friday Night)

GTKY is real basic. Play some games

Bible Study

Pick what verse(s) is/are to be used

Child Safety

Safe Somers is the single most important session of the weekend, and the only absolutely mandatory session.

Activity Planning

Break into activity groups to organise when meetings will be held

Messy Activity

Bit of fun. "Competitive" team game played on the back oval. People throw muck at each other in some pretense of getting eggs in their own area or something similar.

Worship (Sunday morning)

Straight up church service. Liaise with Camp Rev to organise. Don't leave till last minute if you can help it.

Boy/Girl Split

Split to discuss gender specific issues on camp


Friday Dinner

  • Pizza, typically
Try to estimate how many people are actually going to be there Friday night to eat it so you don't spend too much.
In the event of too much being ordered, it will likely get eaten late night by people staying up to socialise, so don't panic.

Saturday Breakfast

  • An assortment of cereals
    • Corn flakes
    • Rice bubbles
    • Wheat bix
  • Toast with spreads

Saturday Lunch

  • Salad sandwiches/rolls

Saturday Dinner

  • Roast, typically
  • Ice cream, jelly, fruit

Saturday Breakfast

  • An assortment of cereals
    • Corn flakes
    • Rice bubbles
    • Wheat bix
  • Toast with spreads

Saturday Lunch

  • Left over roast and salad sandwiches/rolls
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