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======Thursday Evening======
Thursday Evening is the concert.

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====Vetting acts====
Throughout the week you should announce at some meals that forms for concert acts are available if people want to sign up.

Before a concert act can be put into the concert it must be approved by a leader (they must have seen the act).

====Making the running sheet====
- Study groups each have acts
- Some huts will decide to have acts
- Sometimes individual campers will have acts
- Very occasionally leaders will do acts (Mr Dumpy for example)
- At the end of the concert there will be awards and goodbyes

If you have a packed schedule you should minimize how much time the hosts spend on stage (though filler is necessary at some points).

====How to be a good MC====
Quickly introduce acts, always know what's coming up next.

Have some filler material ready to go, and only use it when it's necessary.

Have a baller opening number.

Tech will need to know requirements for each act. These should be arranged before the concert and added to the running sheet.

=====Risk Assessment=====
No risk assessment has be uploaded for this activity.

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