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Thursday Evening is the concert.
====Vetting acts====
Throughout the week you should announce at some meals that forms for concert acts are available if people want to sign up.
Before a concert act can be put into the concert it must be approved by a leader (they must have seen the act).
====Making the running sheet====
- Study groups each have acts
- Some huts will decide to have acts
- Sometimes individual campers will have acts
- Very occasionally leaders will do acts (Mr Dumpy for example)
- At the end of the concert there will be awards and goodbyes

If you have a packed schedule you should minimize how much time the hosts spend on stage (though filler is necessary at some points).
====How to be a good MC====
Quickly introduce acts, always know what's coming up next.
Have some filler material ready to go, and only use it when it's necessary.
Have a baller opening number.
Tech will need to know requirements for each act. These should be arranged before the concert and added to the running sheet.
No risk assessment has be uploaded for this activity.
Write a brief, broad description of what the activity was at the last Somers
Write details describing how the activity was planned last Somers. Make sure the **timing** is listed !
Upload the risk assessment for the last time the activity was changed
=====Wet Weather (If Applicable)=====
What happens if it rains?
Detail changes to the activity, with a brief description as to why an activity was changed

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