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This page requires updating for 2017

Thursday Afternoon (Senior)

Senior games are part of the traditional age split activities. High School aged campers move away from the typical camp bounds and play games/participate in activities suited for an older crowd



This activity is typically a rotation of stations.

2016 utilised equipment borrowed from the Bridge Church in Richmond to run 3 stations:
  • Nerf War in the Big Green Shed (Colman)
  • Inflatable boxing ring & gloves
  • Sumo suit wrestling

Campers are typically divided again into Senior boys/girls. Depending on the size of each group and number of activities, that can be changed as required.
Time at each station is divided evenly over the allocated time for Afternoon Activities:
ie 60 minute slot/3 stations = 20 minutes spent per station for 2-3 groups

Risk Assessment

These are the risk assessments by year:
Bubble Soccer 2017
Colour Run 2017

Wet Weather (If Applicable)

2016's activities were all run on site in covered areas and were not subject to weather conditions


2015 had a rotation of bubble soccer, group games in the Somers field, and Giant Swing
Most years previously, we had a "big ticket" activity (giant swing, ropes course, similar), and some smaller activities up at the Education Camp.

We no longer use the Education Camp as the cost of hiring their facilities has become prohibitive.
Utilising free equipment loaned to us from Bridge Church has proven much more cost effective, where this section of camp used to cost anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000 for equipment hire.

In order to allow for campers to walk to the Education camp, Thursday lunch was split between Senior and Junior, with seniors eating quickly and first. With Activities no longer occurring at the education camp, the need for this split no longer exists
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