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Thursday Afternoon (Junior)

The Junior part of the senior-junior split on Thursday afternoon




How it was planned:
The campers were split into 4 groups by merging the study groups as appropriate. They were in a 4-way rotation with each rotation lasting 30 minutes. The 4 chosen games were 'squeaky elephant', 'running for cups', 'ghost' and 'bowling'.

How it actually ran:
The campers were split into 4 groups as above, rotations were cut to 10-15 minutes, afternoon tea was included as an activity in conjunction with bowling. After activities were finished (the total activity time should have been 2 hours, but was 2 hours 30 minutes due to starting too early) a short movie was played and then multiple disney short films were used to fill in the remaining time.

Risk Assessment

These are the risk assessments listed by year:

Wet Weather (If Applicable)


It was chosen that the outside rotations would have somewhere undercover where they could move. Spaces available for this were restricted due to the concurrent running of senior afternoon activities. The chosen venues were:
Dry: 'Squeaky Elephant' on grass outside tower, 'Ghost' in tower, 'Running for cups' on the central oval, 'bowling' in the hall.
Wet: 'Squeaky Elephant' moved to the amphitheatre, 'Running for cups' was to be moved wherever was available.


This activity has been through a number of changes over the years. Photo hunts, 'clicker bugs' (in which the kids had to find leaders who would be clicking little bug toys), and finally what we've settled on the round robin.
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