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Senior Games

After supper, high school aged kids stay up a little longer to play some games and have an evening devotional in the hall.



This activity is very simple, and can be organised by 1-2 people. These people should be leaders in senior huts, as they need to be at the hall during and after junior bed time.

Typically, 1-2 games are played with the group, followed by a devotional aimed at the older kids. Consult with the worship and devo group for people to speak.

Games are needed Monday through Wednesday nights. Senior games are not run Thursday night due to the concert.


Priest of the Parish

Game requires chairs, an accouncer, and a decent number of participants to work well.
Chairs are set out in roughly 10ish rows of about 5-6 people. Change this to accomodate the numbers you have.
Campers respond to a series of calls. When a call is missed for whatever reason, that row is out and rows behind move forward. The game is over when the announcer decides it is. The winner is whichever row is at the front by the end of the game.

Campers sit in chairs with arms linked with their row. Rows are numbered 1 through however many you have, starting with the front. Gameplay happens as follows:
  1. The announcer begins the game by calling out "The priest of the parish has lost his [bible, cross, hat, whatever they happen to be looking at]. Some say this and some say that. I say it was row number X". X is whatever row the announcer wants to choose.
  2. The corrosponding row must then stand up all at once and shout together "Not I sir", then sit down.
  3. The announcer responds "Then who sir?"
  4. The row jumps back up and shouts "Row number Y sir" where Y is a different row, then sits down.
  5. Row Y then jumps up and shouts "Not I sir" and sits back down.
  6. Row X then jumps up and shouts "Then who sir?" and sits back down.
  7. Row Y then jumps up and shouts "Row number Z sir" where Z is another row (note, Y can throw back to X if they want)
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until a row messes up.

What constitutes messing up:
  • A row doesn't stand up all at once
  • The whole row doesn't shout the same call all at once (in particular the same number row to accuse)
  • A row doesn't stand up/stands too slowly/stands up at the wrong time.

Once a row messes up, they are out and must move to the last row. All rows beind them move forwards one. It is customary to sing Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye while the row is walking to the back.

Drop The Pot

Knights, Cavaliers, Lovers

Wink Theft


Dumb Dumb Stick

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