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Risk Assessments

Why do a risk assessment?

Risk assessments are a tool which we use to make sure every activity is thought through for safety concerns. They're also a way of making sure everyone is aware when a risk is present during an activity.

They also are proof that we have assessed the dangers of any activity. Should an accident occur we can say with clear conscience that we did our best to make sure the kids were safe.

It is also part of our insurance. We need to minimise risk around the campsite.

How to assess risk

Risk is a tricky thing to assess. There are two main things we need to look at when assessing a risk.

The first thing to look at is the probability of it happening. Cuts and scrapes happen all the time.

The second thing to look at is how bad it'll be if it does happen. The Hall catching fire may be super unlikely but if it happened it would have severe consequences.

You can then gauge from those two factors how severe any risk is. Sometimes a certain event is not very likely but could really hurt someone. In these cases it's worth looking into ways of dealing with it.

What to do about risk

When a risk is found there are three options:

Elimination - Get rid of the risk all together
Mitigation - Put in place measures to make the risk either less likely or lower its impact
Acceptance - Sometimes risks are there but they're not severe enough to worry about. In this case we accept the risks.


Download this Template.

Risk Assessments By Year


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Media (incl. Drone)
Thursday Afternoon Senior - Colour Run
Thursday Afternoon Senior - Bubble Soccer
Thursday Afternoon Junior - Games, Scavenger Hunt and Woodwork
Wednesday Afternoon - Coolart Walk
Tuesday Night - Square Batman group vs group
Tuesday Afternoon - Chameleon Capture
Wednesday Evening - Carnival Night
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