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Monday Afternoon

Monday afternoon is Traditionally a Round Robin, with the campers completing each activity in hut groups. There are seven different activities, sometimes one of these activities is Afternoon Tea. The activities can vary from year to year to help keep it interesting for the campers. though that does not mean there are not activities that come every year to two years. The activities can be anything from a parachute to an obstacle course to afternoon tea.



Tradition is that Monday afternoon is a Round Robin activity with seven different little to wether or not this stays the same or is up to the next group of people who are organising Monday Afternoon Activities. So each year there will be a face to face or Skype meeting. organise what is happening.

Although here are the basics for organising the round robin
  1. Work out what seven activities are going to be used for the round robin,
  2. Figure out where on camp each of these activities are going to happen
  3. Adjust the activity or location of activity if need be,
  4. Create wet weather options for each activity that is not already undercover
  5. Figure out what is materials/resources are needed for each activity
  6. Find a leader (or slushies if afternoon tea is an activity) to run each activity,
  7. Inform the leaders who are running the activities,
  8. - what their activity is and if need be how to run it,
    - which hut they are starting with and which they end with,
    - where and who they are sending the huts to once the round is over,
    - how long the rounds go for,
    - where their activity is being run
    - answer and questions they may have
  9. Source any recourses and materials that are needed for these activities.
  10. Figure out how they are all getting to camp

Risk Assessment

Upload the risk assessment for the last time the activity was changed

Wet Weather (If Applicable)

What happens if it rains? The leaders organising Monday afternoon should organise a Wet Weather back up location and/or activity for study groups to do in side or undercover. So that the round robin can continue but nobody get wet and or cold.


As far as memory serves there hasn't been much change to this particular activity, other than changing locations of activities and dropping or picking up certain activities due different circumstances, requirements and restrictions.

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