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Mealtime Entertainment

As mealtimes can be long, we break them up a little and create something to look forward to in the form of Mealtime.
Mealtime entertainment can also be used to "dob in" leaders for things, giving campers a sense of justice.



Picking a theme can be a really tricky task. Try not to spend too much time, just roll with something subpar if you have to. So long as it's something kids can relate to you'll be fine.

You'll need intro music. Give this to tech with instructions on how long to play it for. Don't have it too long, 1 min maximum.

Costumes are always good. We've had good and bad ones over the years. Don't forget utility, you have to be able to host a show in them, so people need to be able to see your face and at least a couple of you need to be able to move freely.


Flour + Water, while effective, does not clean out easily.

Jelly has been used in the past quite successfully, but you need a LOT of it. Like, more than you can reasonably buy.
A great way of making gunge is to grate soap and melt it with hot water, bulk it out with cold water, then add colour.
This needs to be done a night in advance in order set properly and create the goopy texture that campers love to see.


Risk Assessments

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