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Welcome to the Somers knowledge base. Below is a list of pages for each of the activities at camp. Leaders can edit them as they see fit.

**This site is under construction, a list of what has been written and what hasn't is listed [[ToDo | here.]]**
Find an activity page that needs to be worked on (for an activity that you helped plan last Somers), and fill it out with what you know.

If you need help with editing a page (because of tech stuff, NOT because you cant remember how the activity was run), contact either Jack or Andrew on Facebook.

Keep in mind this site as a whole is a work in progress, so parts will look wonky, bland, incomplete, or be missing entirely.
If you do find that something is missing, and there is not already a mention that it needs fixing on the [[ToDo | To Do]] page, let us know.

**If you're making a new page, use this [[RoughTemplate | Template]]**.

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------>>====Camp Activities====
[[Band | Band]]
[[Drama | Drama]]
[[Aerobics | Aerobics]]
[[Craft | Craft]]
[[Devotions | Devotions]]
[[Worship | Worship]]
[[Tech | Tech]]
[[Mealtime | Mealtime Entertainment]]
[[SignInOut | Sign In/Out]]>>====Daily Activities====
[[MondayAfternoon | Monday Afternoon]]
[[MondayEvening| Monday Evening]]
[[TuesdayAfternoon | Tuesday Afternoon]]
[[TuesdayEvening | Tuesday Evening]]
[[WednesdayAfternoon | Wednesday Afternoon]]
[[WednesdayTrivia | Wednesday Trivia]]
[[WednesdayEvening | Wednesday Evening]]
[[ThursdayAfternoonJunior | Thursday Afternoon (Junior)]]
[[ThursdayAfternoonSenior | Thursday Afternoon (Senior)]]
[[ThursdayEvening | Thursday Evening (Concert)]]
[[SeniorGames | Senior Games]]

>>So far we have {{countpages}} pages total and {{countusers}} users>>
[[TrainingConference | Training Conference ]]
[[RiskAssessments | Risk Assessments]]
[[ToDo | To Do]]
[[Core | Core]]
[[Slushies | Slushies]]
[[Cooks | Cooks]]
[[Meals | Meals]]
[[Songs | Songs]]
[[RoughTemplate | Rough Template]]
[[Games | Games]]
[[CampRev | Camp Rev]]
[[CampMum | Camp Mum]]
[[CampDad | Camp Dad]]
--->>====Getting started====
Double-click on a page or click on the **Edit** link in the page footer to get started. If you are not sure how a wiki works, you can check out the [[FormattingRules | Wikka formatting guide]] and play in the SandBox.
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>>====Some useful pages====
~-[[FormattingRules | Wikka formatting guide]]
~-[[WikkaDocumentation | Documentation]]
~-[[RecentChanges | Recently modified pages]]
~-[[SysInfo | System Information]]
---You will find more useful pages in the [[CategoryWiki | Wiki category]] or in the PageIndex.---
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