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Drama is 3 short acts delivered as part of morning worship, to offer another way of explaining that days study theme.


Drama has historically been a challenge to plan, so if you're in charge, buckle in.

Everything starts the moment people break into groups during training to discuss meetings and who's in the group.
Make sure everyone who's there is going to be committed to this.
Make sure they understand that a script is written by a writer, not a committee.
Discuss ideas about the setting of the drama. Nail something down ASAP. It's ok to change it later, you just need a starting point

Liaise with the Study planning people to get an understanding of what they're trying to achieve.
Once the study has been finalised, you have a short couple of weeks to both write and practice the drama.

Each act needs to comprise of a complete message for that day and should have elements of an overarching plot.
It will be difficult to write parts for everyone with an equal amount of "screen time", so don't worry about that.

The plots for these dramas are almost always character-driven.
Unless the study includes an easy prepacked bible story that you can straight up act out or modify slightly, you'll need to make some contrived leaps of story. These are more or less fables with a moral that you're writing
Start with some conflict and resolve it using the message of the day.

The acting skill of the individual members of the group will vary. That's ok.
Just build some 2-dimensional character archetypes. A funny/straight man combo with some side characters works well.

Aim to get each day's act to be around 5ish minutes long.

All of this said, drama is rarely good. It's ok if it's a little mediocre, so long as it's not a garbled mess as has happened in the past; the drama can become too filled with jokes and references, losing the intended purpose of delivering the message.

So, summation:
  • Make a group
  • Decide who's in charge/writing the script
  • Talk to the study group to obtain the message
  • Write 3, 5ish minute-long skits about that message
  • Ideally, practice before camp

Good Luck.

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