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Devos (Devotions) are short talks given by leaders, which deliver a personal story in relation to the days theme

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This goes with the job of doing Study and Worship.

There doesn't need to be a lot of preparation from you, just get people you think will be good at doing talks on the topics based on the study theme for the day.

You will need people to talk for about 5 minutes on the theme of the day, and will need to organise devotions for the following:
-Tuesday morning and night
-Wednesday morning and night
-Thursday morning
-Friday morning

There should be six devotions throughout camp, and the evening ones will need to be done by a senior hut leader, as they do a little bit of evening worship and reflections from the day that was.

If you ever feel like you are running out of people to ask to do devotions, feel free to ask a slushie, as this gets them involved with camp and makes them feel like they are being recognised as a leaders.

Make sure everyone who has agreed to do a devotion, knows when they are talking and has a speech prepared. Not everyone you approach will want to get up and talk about their experiences but if they have something written down that they would like to share, you can get another leader to talk on their behalf. It may also be worth asking senior leaders like Camp Mum or Dad to get involved, as they have a lot of wisdom to share.

Tuesdays theme was based on teamwork. We had someone talk in the morning and evening about their experiences within a team.

Wednesday was based on goal setting- which was also incorporated into Mondays theme of teamwork.

Thursday was based around all working as a team and setting goals to work together as one with God. This idea was based around the Olympics, where all the athletes put their differences aside for the 14days of the games, and worked together as one to achieve a main goal... striving to win medals and become the best athletes they can be. We also incorporated not leaving anyone out because of their race, the way they dress or how they talk. no matter how different a person is, they should never be judged just by they first impression.

In 2016 there were no real changes to the way devotions ran. They were after aerobics and before breakfast.

Within memory they have run the same way.


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