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%%This page requires updating for 2017
This page requires a risk assessment for 2017%%
%%Adding notes on what you did for each activity and how it went will provide ideas for future years.%%

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings see the entire camp do arts and craft. Every year the creations we make are related to either the overall theme of thee camp or the theme of the day. The creations also sometimes work into other parts of camp, such as if we do masks, sometimes it is asked that they are used for Tuesday or Wednesday night mealtime and/or activities. Craft is done in study groups so that it is easier for the campers to use the materials and create their creations. Typical craft creations that are always enjoyed and loved are creations such asmasks, group flags, large scale pieces, but the most loved one is Biscuit decorating.

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Every year there needs at least one face to face or Skype meeting where the craft team can decide the following things (some can be organised before the meeting e.g. no.5);
1) what craft activities are going to happen,
2) what the budget is for craft that year is,
3) is there going to be any tech stuff happening
4) what materials are needed for those craft activities and/or extra craft meetings for any possible tech stuff,
5) who is going to grab the craft stuff from the Somers Shed
6) what materials need to be updated from what is already in the craft stuff
7) who is going to by those materials and when they are going to get them,
8) how all of the of the craft stuff is going to get to camp
9) who is going to set up and pack what for certain craft sessions
10) Who will set up, run and pack up each craft session
11) who is going to pack up all the craft stuff so it is easy to transport
12) how all the stuff is getting back to the Somers Shed
- Each day craft is a different length of craft is different, so keep in that in mind choosing the creations
- For Wednesday craft have a talk with the team organising the Coolart walk. As study groups start their journey to coolart during craft, at the direction of a member of the coolart organising team. Make the person running the Wednesday session is working alongside a coolart person to ensure successful craft pack up and leaving times of the different study groups.
- If you are doing biscuit decorating or something where the campers can eat their creations, make sure to take into consideration of the allergies and diets of campers (and Leaders) on camp. Check with Camp Mum or Camp Nurse if there are going to be any campers with food allergies or specific diets on camp.
- Make sure you give enough time before craft to set up, yes it will bite into study group time. But will help in keeping the smooth running of camp and will give you time to make sure you have everything.

One or two sentence description - what it was, how it went. - Party Hats & Balloons (How did they go?)
One or two sentence description - what it was, how it went. - Placemats (Were they a good fit?)
One or two sentence description - what it was, how it went. - Biscuits (What would you do different?)

From memory craft was very much in the mind set of it was a time for the campers to create this or that and that was it. Although is recent years there have been new ideas brought in to help regain the campers interest. For example in the last five has seen the introduction of funky videos of Somers resident Captain Craft. Which has helped not only the campers get more interested in it but the leaders as well. So don't hesitate to get crafty.
Just like with every thing there is always going to be part of an activity that certain that ALL campers (and Leaders) enjoy like Biscuit Decorating, and then certain bits that some will like and others won't, but don't let that phase anyone. In the past Craft has done masks, biscuit decorating, medals, finger puppets, pasta jewellery, pom poms, study group flags, and even a Somers Tree, which along with the flags would be on show on the back wall of the hall

=====Risks =====
Just like with any activity there are always going to be risks. Here two of the main ones previous craft teams have thought of
- accidents with scissors
- tiny craft pieces getting places they aren't supposed to
- crowded space with occasional crowding tables, so snagged fingers or bumping of people
These are just a few of the easy ones to think of when thinking of the risks involved with running craft.

Craft check list (still yet to be uploaded)
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